Carex flaccosperma is a liriope alternative

One of our favorite sources for native plants, especially native grasses and carex, is North Creek Nurseries. One of the plants we’ve ordered from them this year is this wonderful native carex.

Carex flaccosperma, copyright North Creek Nurseries

Carex flaccopserma, or blue wood sedge, is a very nice groundcover for medium to dry shade (or partial shade). Once established, it tolerates dry Baltimore summers quite well as long as it is not in full sun.

It forms clumps, and though it can spread by seed it tends to stay where it is put. Carex flaccopserma reaches a height of about six to twelve inches, with 1/2” wide foliage. It is a nice native alternative to the non-native liriope.

It is a seed source of finches and native sparrows, as well as a source of nesting material and the larval host to several species of butterflies and moths.


  1. [...] mentioned earlier the ornamental uses of Carex, and one in particular works well: as a native alternative to liriope, a commonly planted non-native plant that can be invasive. Several varieties of sedge hold great [...]

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