Sources of Native Plants

Native Plant Sales

For a host of reasons, many gardeners buy the majority of their native plants from plant sales.  Unlike the retail trade, which tend to be dominated by a small number of very large growers producing mostly non-native plants, plant sales tend to offer a wide variety of native plant material grown by nearby companies that know our eco-region well.

The Roland Park Native Plant Sale happens every year on the Saturday after Mother’s Day, and takes place in the Roland Park neighborhood of Baltimore.  We work hard to offer a great selection of plants,  and strive to ensure that ALL of them are local to either the Chesapeake Bay watershed or, more specifically,  the Jones Falls watershed (in which Roland Park lies).

The Cylburn Market Day happens a week or two before the Roland Park sale and is sponsored by the Cylburn Arboretum, also in Baltimore.  This event is attended by many vendors, some of which sell native native plants.

The other large native plant sale in our area is hosted by the Irvine Nature Center, in Owings Mills.  This plant sale is held in August as part of  their Native Plant Seminar and Sale.

The Maryland Native Plant Society also maintains a list of native plant sales throughout the state.  There are many sales throughout the year, and this is a great place to check for them.


Local Retailers

None of our  local full-time retail nurseries specialize in native plants, but many common landscape plants are native.  However, if you go to Greenfields, Valley View Farms, or any other large retail nursery armed with a list of native plants then you will most likely find something perfect for your needs

Also, Blue Water Baltimore operates Herring Run Nursery, a native plant nursery that is open ten or twelve weekend days each year (primarily in Spring and Fall).


Mail Order Sources

In some cases, you may prefer to order your plants from a distant source.  To make that process a little easier, we’ve built a custom search engine that searches the sites of companies that specialize in native plants.  We haven’t used all of the companies included in the search engine, and are not endorsing any of them.  We encourage you to research any mail-order company before using them, and also to double-check that the plants you want are actually native to this area.

Just enter the name of the plant you want in the box and click “Search”.

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