Creating An Urban Meadow with Native Plants

I am joining Claudia West of North Creek Nurseries to present a three-part course called “Creating A Native Urban Meadow” beginning September 24th at Roland Park Country School here in Baltimore.

Few ecosystems support more wildlife in a small space than a native plant meadow, but few people think they can create a meadow in an urban yard. However, creating an urban meadow with native plants is not a daunting task.

Over the course of three sessions, we will not only teach you how to create a vibrant urban meadow with native plants in a small space but we will help you design and install one yourself right here at Roland Park Country School. By applying cutting edge design and ecological principles, we’ll demonstrate that no yard is too small to have a beautiful and functional urban meadow with native plants.

The dates are September 24th, October 1st, and October 8th.  Registration is just $60 and can be done by calling (410) 323-5500 x 3045 or by emailing the External Programs office.

A Family Tree of Ninebark Cultivars

Karyl Seppala has a great post on Ninebark at the Beautiful Wildlife Garden blog today. She is absolutely correct that the native Physocarpus opulifolius is a wonderful shrub:  beautiful and useful to wildlife.  And while cultivars of native plants have some challenges, in a designed landscape they can be indispensable.

There are many cultivars of Ninebark, but many share the same parentage.  To keep them straight, I made a “family tree” of the most common ones.  I find it helpful, and maybe you will too.

A family tree of Ninebark cultivars

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